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Avatar Typed Text animation module allows you to display your text letter by letter at a specific speed to simulate the typewriter typing effect.

With this module you can add sentences, words, or just a single phrase to create an old typewriter-type effect with just a few clicks in a fast and convenient way.



Module Features

  1. Multiple Type Words or Phrases
  2. Ability to have a before and after text
  3. Control over the type speed animation
  4. Control over the animation delay
  5. Control over the erasing speed
  6. Select whether the text should loop or not
  7. Ability to Hide the typing cursor
  8. Select between two different cursor types
  9. And more…
Typed Text Module Preview 01
Typed Text Module Preview 02
Typed Text Module Preview 03


Check out the demos below for some ideas.



Multiple For Your Text

Fantasy Demo

Command Window

$ Hello, User Knock, Knock, Friend.

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