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AvatarGradient Text

Create amazing gradient text to use in your headings with Avatar Gradient Text Module.

With up to four different colors to pick, you will be able to create stunning gradient text that can be used as your page headings or page text, at the same time you can choose whether to animate it or not – All with a few simple clicks!



Module Features

  1. Up to four colors to choose for you gradient
  2. Ability to control the gradient direction
  3. Option to enable or disable gradient animation
  4. Change animation speed when gradient animation is enabled
  5. Change gradient size when gradient animation is enabled
  6. Choose the custom text and styles
  7. Use shadows to enhance your text
  8. And much more…
Gradient Text Module Preview 01
Gradient Text Module Preview 02
Gradient Text Module Preview 03


Check out our demos below get you inspire.


Static Gradient Text

Animated Gradient Text

Bronce Static Text

Gradient With Shadow

Gold Animated Text

Silver Animated Text

Fantasy Demo




Advanced Gradient text