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Take Divi to the next level with Avatar Divi plugin

We at Avatar Pixel believe that the greatest websites are not just about the design of your elements, but also about how they work together. With our innovative easy-to-use Modules and Extensions from Avatar Divi, you can now take Divi Builder to the next level and create incredible and stunning websites.

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Building WebsitesHas Never Been Easier!

It's simple and quick to design with the Avatar Divi.

Divi design possibilities expand as additional modules, features, and enhancements are added with our regular releases.

Our plugin takes Divi to new heights, allowing you to achieve things that you couldn’t do before without using custom code.

With our plugin, you can create the designs you desire without having to write a single line of code.
Simply install and go — it’s that easy!

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Avatar Divi

We Support Divi's Mission

Why Avatar Divi

We love and have been using Divi and WordPress for years. Our passion is to develop plugins and solutions to enhance and expand Divi’s features so that you can focus on building beautiful websites.

No matter what skills you have, we want to make it easy for you.

Our Divi plugin will help you to customize and style your website in ways that were not possible before. Our goal is to help you build beautiful custom websites easily with the highest quality Divi Modules available.

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Easy To Use


Easy To Use

Easy To Use

Design Fast

Avatar Divi has a simple interface that integrates and works seamlessly with Divi Builder to provide you with a familiar design environment, and all the options you will need to impress your clients and increase your visitor’s engagement.

  • 12 Modules and 2 Extensions (More Coming Soon!)
  • Coding skills not needed or required
  • Easy to use and user friendly interface
  • Complete control over your design
  • Seamlessly Divi Builder integration

Start designing websites like a PRO!

12 Unique Modules

Avatar Divi Modules

Do More With Less

12 powerful ready-to-use Modules that will allow you to start designing and building your website quickly and easily.

Each module provides you with amazing out-the-box options for making the most of your Divi theme website giving you the ability to bring your ideas to life with a few simple clicks.

Your imagination is the limit!

  • Avatar Before After Image Module Avatar Before After Image
  • Avatar Business Hours Avatar Business Hours
  • Avatar Coupons Module Avatar Coupons
  • Avatar Fancy Headings Module Avatar Fancy Headings
  • Avatar Glith Text Module Avatar Glith Text
  • Avatar Gradient Text Module Avatar Gradient Text
  • Avatar Magnify Image Module Avatar Magnify Image
  • Avatar Morph Text Module Avatar Morph Text
  • Avatar Random BlobShape Module Avatar Random BlobShape
  • Avatar Text Notation Module Avatar Text Notation
  • Avatar Typed Text Module Avatar Typed Text
  • Avatar YouTube Video Embed Module Avatar YouTube Video Embed
Regular Updates

Regular Auto Updates

Avatar Divi Plugin will be updated in the near future to include even more Divi modules and features, making it well worth your hard-earned money.

Module Request Program

Module Request Program

We’d love to hear about your module ideas! We will continue to add more modules and features in the future based on user feedback and requests.

Monthly Releases

Monthly Module Releases

We will continuously work to become the ultimate plugin for Divi website development, therefore, with every release, we will strive to release a new module to make it even easier and faster to build websites.

Professional Friendly Support

Professional Friendly Support

We make every effort to assist each of our customers. Our tech support team is available to assist you. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Avatar Divi Plugin is for

Avatar Divi is for Everyone

All the incredible modules offered here can make your websites look really phenomenal with a just simple clicks. Is that simple:

Download. Install. Create.

Explore Our Demos

Our demos are crafted completely using Avatar Divi Module features without a single line of code to showcase what can be achieved with a few simple clicks.

Before & After Image Slider Icon

Before After Image Slider

With the Before After Image Slider, you would be able to add and compare two images in an easy and convenient way.

Avatar Business Hours

Business Hours

With the Business Hours module, you can create a well-organized and appealing Business Hours section and let your clients know you’re open for business!

Avatar Coupons


The Coupons module allows you to create beautiful and engaging coupons and deals that will help you increase sales, CTR, and conversions.

Avatar Fancy Headings

Fancy Headings

With the Fancy Headings module you will be able to produce beautiful typography for your headings with a few simple clicks – no coding skills required.

Avatar Glitch Text

Glitch Text

The Glitch Text allows you to create statements with a unique and fascinating glitch text effect. Have some fun and glitch away!

Avatar Gradient Text

Gradient Text

With Avatar Gradient Text you will be able to create amazing static or animated gradient color text that will capture your visitor’s attention.

Avatar Magnify Image

Magnify Image

With the Magnify Image module your visitors will be able to take a closer and more detailed look at the elements of an image using a magnifying glass to zoom in.

Avatar Morph Text

Morph Text

This module will allow you to build cyclical text animations that will not only look great but will also help you capture the interest of your visitors.

Random Blob Shape

Random Blob Shape

Create unique Blob Shapes that are dynamic and change every time the website is refreshed.

Text Notation

Text Notation

This module will allow you to highlight important words or portions of your text using dynamic hand-drawn shapes to capture your visitor’s attention fast.

Typed Text

Typed Text

Fast and easy way to create the appearance of typing on a typewriter. Show your text letter by letter at a specific speed using Avatar Typed Text Module.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video Embed

Embed YouTube videos and Playlists like never before using custom covers that show when your video is stopped or when the video has completely played out and much more.

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Fantasy Demos

We’ve included a Fantasy Demo in most of our module demo pages that in some cases make use of some additional CSS to demonstrate the power, flexibility, and what can be achieved with a little bit creativity and imagination when you use Avatar Divi plugin. We hope you enjoy them!

Check out our Divi Extensions

Add our extensions to your Divi Builder website and make it even more powerful.

Divi Dark Theme Icon

Divi Dark Theme | Dark Mode

Divi Dark Theme is a specially designed extension for Divi Theme that enables the use of “Dark Mode” or “Night Mode” interface that web designers and developers praise while using Divi Visual Builder.

Library Shortcode Icon

Library Shortcodes

Use your Divi Library Layouts on your website anywhere and wherever you want on your Divi-built pages and posts with the Avatar Library Shortcodes extension.

We'd love to hear about your module ideas

Let’s work together

We strive to provide you with a one-stop plugin solution to complement the amazing built-in Divi Builder functionalities and what better way to do it than by working together.

Send us your module idea that will help you and others to build websites faster and easier and we may be able to add it to our next release of Avatar Divi.

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