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Bring your ideas to life using our Avatar Divi Modules. Each Module is powerful, flexible, and ready-to-use. We worked hard to make it as easy for you and to get you started by providing you with amazing out-of-the-box options to build the most of your Divi theme website, allowing you to bring your ideas to life with a few simple clicks.



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Before & After Image Slider Icon

Before After Image Slider

Easily and conveniently add and compare two photographs with Avatar Before After Image Slider Module.

Avatar Business Hours

Business Hours

Let your clients know that you are open for business by creating a clean, appealing Business Hours section with the Avatar Business Hours Module.

Avatar Coupons


You can design eye-catching offers and promotions with the Coupons module to boost conversions, CTR, and sales with Avatar Coupons Module.

Avatar Fancy Headings

Fancy Headings

With only a few clicks you can create stunning typography for your headings without knowing any code with the Fancy Headings Module.

Avatar Glitch Text

Glitch Text

Create distinctive and captivating glitch text effects and bring your text to life using the Avatar Glitch Text Module.

Avatar Gradient Text

Gradient Text

You can create stunning static or moving gradient color text with Avatar Gradient Text Module that will grab the attention of your visitors.

Avatar Magnify Image

Magnify Image

Utilizing a magnifying glass to zoom in, your visitors will be able to examine an image’s components more closely and in depth thanks to the Avatar Magnify Image Module.

Avatar Morph Text

Morph Text

With the aid of the Avatar Morph Text Module, you can create cyclical text animations that not only look amazing but also help you retain and capture your visitors’ attention.

Random Blob Shape

Random Blob Shape

Make dynamic, one-of-a-kind Blob Shapes that are different each time the website is reloaded with Avatar Random Blob Module.

Text Notation

Text Notation

Avatar Text Notation Module will let you use dynamic hand-drawn shapes to quickly grab your visitor’s attention by emphasizing keywords or paragraphs in your text.

Typed Text

Typed Text

Avatar Typed Text Module is quick and simple method to mimic typing on a typewriter. Use this module to display your text letter by letter at a specific speed.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Embed YouTube videos and playlists more effectively than ever before with Avatar YouTube Module using a custom cover that displays before and after your video has finished playing, play button, effects, and more.

Fantasy Demos

Explore the Fantasy Demo included in most of our module demo pages. They are a fun new way to show off the use of our modules in a creative and imaginative way. Although in some cases make use of some additional CSS to demonstrate what can be achieved with our modules, we hope you enjoy them and that it helps to spark your imagination.

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