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AvatarGlitch Text

Want to give your messages a unique and fascinating glitch effect? Enjoy the unique styles that come with the Avatar Glitch Text Module. By enabling and adding a Background Color you can create some unique designs and change the way your glitch text is rendered.

The glitch effect can provide a distinctive flair to your website, but if you utilize it excessively, it can also be highly distracting.



Module Features

  1. 8 different glitch styles to choose from
  2. Ability to change the color of your glitch
  3. Default Divi Font Style control
  4. Change the text position in any direction
  5. Display your glitch text on a single or multiple lines
  6. Add individual Background Color for a drastic effect
  7. And much more…
Glitch Text Module Preview 01
Glitch Text Module Preview 02
Glitch Text Module Preview 03


Check out the various demos listed below to see this module in action. This module is highly addictive, so glitch away, but glitch responsibly! 😉


Smooth Glitch

Spaced Glitch

Dancing Glitch

Hover Dancing Glitch

VHS Glitch

Continous Glitch

Intermittent Glitch

Fantasy Demo


Get ready to take Divi to the Next Level