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AvatarFancy Headings

Produce beautiful typography for your headings with a few simple clicks by using Avatar Fancy Headings Module.

This module includes text for the beginning, middle, and end and it will allow you to make a specific word in the heading stand out by using a different font type, text color, underline borders, and even gradient backgrounds, all in one single module.



Module Features

  1. Before, Middle and After text
  2. Custom HTML Tag for better SEO
  3. Use custom icon instead of text on each heading element
  4. Outlined text option
  5. Gradient text
  6. Custom heading element positioning
  7. Divi Builder style options for each heading element
  8. Each heading element can be separated in its own line
  9. Full customization options for each heading element
  10. And many more…
Fancy Headings Module Preview 01
Fancy Headings Module Preview 02
Fancy Headings Module Preview 03


Check out our different demos below to see some of the unique text designs and effects you can create for your website.


Multiple Font Styles

Different Background Color


Separate Text Shadow


Outlined Text

Fantasy Demo


The last heading module you'll ever need