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If you purchased our plugin through the Avatar Plugins website and have questions about your membership, please reach out directly to their Support Team: Take me to Avatar Plugin Support Page. Thanks!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the Avatar Divi plugin and license?

You can get your license when you purchase our plugin directly from the Avatar Plugins website or from the Elegant Themes Marketplace. A copy of the plugin will be available for download after the purchase has been completed.

Do you offer a Free version of your plugin?

We do not offer or provide a Free or Lite version of our plugin. We believe that the only way for you to fully appreciate the power of our fantastic tool is to utilize the Premium version, which is the only version that is available and has all features.

Do you offer Lifetime Licenses?

Although we don’t currently have any plans to sell lifetime licenses, we will consider it as soon as we have the capability!

How often are new Features and Modules added?

We try to add new Modules and Features every month depending on the workload and our development roadmap.

If I request a new Module or Feature, when will it be added?

We review all requested features and estimate the effort, time, and overall benefits they will bring to our community. Depending on the outcome of that review, we then add it to our development roadmap.

Do I get any compensation if my module suggestion is added to the plugin?

We thank you for your support and for being part of the Avatar Divi community and for your help in improving the plugin to be of better service to our users. However, at this moment we do not offer any type of compensation.

Can I still use Avatar Divi once my license has expired?

Yes, you can, and everything will continue to work normally. However, if your license has expired you will no longer be able to receive support and automatic updates for the Avatar Divi plugin. We work continuously on updating our plugin to ensure ongoing compatibility with the latest version of Divi Theme. If at any point your version of the plugin stops working after your license expires, we strongly recommend you renew your license and update to the latest version.

Where and how do I get support?

For questions regarding your License please contact us through the website where your license was purchased from. For any other support questions, you can contact us through the form above.

Can I sell the Divi Child Theme with Avatar Divi?

No. You cannot include Avatar Divi in your Divi Child Theme without prior authorization. If you wish to include Avatar Divi within your Child Theme, please reach out to us first.

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