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Use the Divi library layouts on your website wherever and anywhere you like with the Avatar Library Shortcodes extension.



Use your Divi Shortcodes Anywhere

Use the Divi Library Shortcodes Extension by Avatar Divi to manage your previously saved layouts with ease and save a lot of your time.

Add saved Layouts wherever you need them with this method for a faster and more efficient process.

You can use a stored module of yours as a shortcode inside of another module with the aid of this extension.

 Library Shortcode Icon Avatar Divi Library Shortcodes

[ avatar_divi_shortcode id="1007"]

How to use this Extension in 3 Simple Steps

1Avatar Divi Settings

In your WordPress Admin Menu click on Avatar Divi.

2Enable the Extension

Under General Settings click the switch to Enable Divi Library Shortcodes.

3Use It

Navigate to your Divi Library and copy the shortcode code that appeared under the Shortcode column at the end of the table and paste it inside your Divi module.

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