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With the Avatar Magnify Image Module your visitors will be able to take a closer and more detailed look at the elements of an image.

Ideal for E-commerce, with a few simple clicks you can add a product image or images allowing your visitors to view a magnified version of it through the lens shape element that simulates a magnifying glass and explore every single detail of the product when using Divi to build your custom product page.

This module can also be used to provide a detailed view of a piece of artwork like a painting or a photograph.



Module Features

  1. Ideal for E-commerce product images
  2. Ability to enable Lazy Load
  3. Add a standard and a large detailed magnified image
  4. Add Alt Text to your image to help with SEO
  5. Multiple magnification settings to play with
  6. Stylize the Lens Holder and Zoom Lens individually
  7. Ability to add effects and color tint to the Zoom Lens
  8. Customize the Action Label
  9. And much more…
Magnify Image Module Preview 01
Magnify Image Module Preview 02
Magnify Image Module Preview 03


Check out the demos below for some of the styles that can be set.


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Fantasy Demo

Hover U

Avatar Gold Pendant14K Yellow Gold

Hover U

Cable Gold Chains14K Yellow Gold

Hover U

Modern Engagement Ring Set14K Yellow Gold

Hover U

Wedding Rings Set14K Yellow Gold

*The products listed above are for demo purposes only and cannot be purchased on the website.

Enhance your products listing with Avatar Magnify Image Module!