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Welcome to the dark side…of Divi. 😉

Divi Dark Theme is a carefully crafted extension for Divi Builder that enables the “Dark Mode” or “Night Mode” dark interface so loved by Web Designers and Developers. Make Divi Builder interface dark with just the toggle of a switch!



Full Dark Mode Support for Divi Builder

Dark Theme Preview

Enjoy our brand-new Divi Dark Mode Interface

Divi Dark Theme from Avatar Divi brings you the option to select between the standard Divi Light Mode interface or our brand new and fully recolored Dark Mode.

Elegant, simple, and easy to activate, Divi Dark Theme has been created to bring you a similar experience that so many users enjoy when working on so many popular design and development applications, or while using their web browsers, operative systems, smartphone devices, and other productivity and social media websites.

Bring a new level of clarity and focus to your design work enviroment

Carefully crafted, with the single toggle of a switch Divi Dark Theme takes over and transforms your familiar Divi Visual builder interface and changes into a dark mode environment perfect for those working on low-light settings or in the evenings.

All default Divi Modules, as well as our custom build modules, are automatically converted as soon as this extension is activated – is that simple.

Get Avatar Divi today and start enjoying our brand-new dark mode interface.

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How to use this Extension in 3 Simple Steps

Enable Divi Dark Theme

1Avatar Divi Settings

In your WordPress Admin Menu click on Avatar Divi.

2Enable the Extension

Under General Settings click the switch to Enable Dark Theme.

3Use It

Navigate to your Divi Library and copy the shortcode code that appeared under the Shortcode column at the end of the table and paste it inside your Divi module.

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