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AvatarRandom Blob Shape

With Avatar Random Blob Shape Module, you will be able to create custom Blob Shapes that change their aspect every time the page is refreshed keeping your site dynamic and unique every time.

Besides the demos listed below you can see this module in action on the home page of our website.



Module Features

  1. Select between Standard, Image or Pattern background
  2. 79 different Patterns to choose from
  3. Custom size, position and scale controls
  4. Ability to change the blob’s randomness
  5. Adjust the complexity of the blob
  6. Custom border control and color
  7. Custom fill solid and gradient color
  8. Advanced gradient controls for your blob background
  9. Custom shadows, blur and opacity effects
  10. Ability to add custom content to your blob
  11. Standard Divi controls for the blob content
  12. And much more…
Random Blob Module Preview 01
Random Blob Module Preview 02
Random Blob Module Preview 03
Random Blob Module Preview 04


Check out the our dynamic demos below. Feel free to refresh the page to see the blobs randomly changing their shape.


Sample Blob with content

Using an abstract design concept to demonstrate the use of the Random Blob Module.

Combined Blobs

Combine multiple blobs to achieve beautiful results that will capture your user’s attention.

Pattern Samples

Here are some of the patterns your would be able to select and use when using Avatar Random Blob Shape module.


Fantasy Demo

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